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Sahm Seaview Room Bartell Terrace


MCASD’s newly expanded La Jolla Campus highlights some of the region’s most extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean and is home to a world-class contemporary art collection. We invite you to celebrate life’s milestone moments with us in a matchless location that celebrates the beauty of both art and nature. When you rent a space at MCASD, you are not just creating memories of a lifetime; you also are helping the Museum to raise vital funds for its ongoing education and exhibitions programs that serve the San Diego and Tijuana regional communities.

La Jolla

Jacobs Hall

Photo: Daniel Lang

Jacobs Hall, Jackson Terrace, Palmer Terrace

Jacobs Hall is a stunning multipurpose event space with 23-foot wooden ceilings, and the entire west wall features floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the stunning unobstructed San Diego coastline. Situated immediately across from La Jolla’s often used ‘Wedding Bowl,’ it is the perfect location for a wedding, a lecture, an anniversary dinner, or even a corporate luncheon and presentation. The two adjoining terraces allow guests to enjoy the inside/outside experience and easy flow throughout the spaces.

Capacity Seated Dinner: 150, Standing Reception: 325

3D Virtual Tour of Jacobs Hall
3D Virtual Tour of Jackson Terrace & Palmer Terrace

Davis Terrace

Photo: Daniel Lang

Davis Family Oceanview Terrace

This newly added terrace boasts one of the best views in La Jolla. Nestled outside the newly expanded galleries and bordered by beautiful Italian travertine in warm earth tones, this terrace is the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony, cocktail reception, or gathering.

Capacity Seated Dinner: 152, Standing Reception: 251

3D Virtual Tour of Davis Family Oceanview Terrace

Axline Court

Photo: Daniel Lang

Axline Court

Axline Court is MCASD’s iconic gallery at the heart of the La Jolla campus. Axline Court has been home to decades of special events. A perfect venue for a sit-down dinner or cocktail reception, Axline Court is an exquisite venue for your special event. The Museum’s largest event space allows for seated events of up to 250 people. It also showcases the neon artwork of Robert Venturi to create a truly unique and art-rich backdrop for your special occasion.C

Capacity Seated Dinner: 258, Standing Reception: 430

3D Virtual Tour of Axline Court

Ocean view from a grey terrace with palm trees

Photo: Daniel Lang

Holly McGrath Terrace

Long enjoyed by Museum visitors and San Diego residents alike, as the home of the Nancy Rubins’ sculpture Pleasure Point, this unique terrace space overlooking the Sculpture garden has long been a favorite space for taking in the sunset or hosting an intimate dinner, wedding ceremony, or celebration. The adjacent Conrad Prebys Learning Center can be added to the perfect indoor-outdoor experience.

Capacity Seated Dinner: 80, Standing Reception: 133

3D Virtual Tour of Holly McGrath Terrace with Conrad Prebys Learning Center


Photo: Daniel Lang

Conrad Prebys Learning Center

Adjacent to the Coast Terrace, this event space is perfect for a small lecture, luncheon, or dinner or combined with the terrace for a larger indoor/outdoor event space. This room is ideal for a board meeting and includes light AV and projection.

Capacity Seated Dinner: 80, Standing Reception: 133

3D Virtual Tour of Holly McGrath Terrace with Conrad Prebys Learning Center

Sahm Seaview

Photo: Daniel Lang

The Sahm Seaview Room and Garfield Terrace

This unique and intimate space is truly one of a kind, with two floor to ceiling glass walls that can be adjusted to be fully open to The Art Park and ocean views, partially opened, fully enclosed or any combination in between. With the adjacent Garfield Terrace, this dining room is the ultimate spot for an intimate indoor / outdoor gathering or celebration that embraces the beauty of the Pacific and the southern California coastline.

Capacity Seated dinner: 57, Standing Reception: 94

3D Virtual Tour of The Sahm Seaview Room and Garfield Terrace with The Art Park

Art Park

Photo: Daniel Lang

The Art Park

A private park with a fantastic view! This newly transformed space is open for the community to enjoy, and it can also be reserved for the ultimate private event. The Art Park features spectacular views, outdoor sculptures, and it highlights the region’s typically picture-perfect San Diego weather.

Capacity Seated Dinner: 206, Standing Reception: 341

3D Virtual Tour of The Sahm Seaview Room and Bartell Terrace with The Art Park

Catering Partners

Feast On This

Matthew Baker, Chief Culinary Officer/Owner and Ricardo Vargas, Executive Chef (Photo: Stacy Keck)

Feast on This

Since 2000, Feast on This has been applauded as a top full-service culinary and events company and deaf-owned business in Southern California. Whether you are planning an extravagant celebration or a low-key gathering, Feast on This will be with you each step of the way to make sure your event is truly captivating, providing a personal touch to your special occasion.


Juan Miron, Co-Founder and CPO. Rocio Siso-Gurriaran, Culinary Visionary, and Kevin Ho, Co-Founder and CEO (Photo: Rachel Taylor)


MIHO is a creative event studio providing artistic design, planning and catering for upscale gatherings. Guided by taste, craft and soul, the team is dedicated to mastering the art of gathering. Their mission is to create life’s most enjoyable and meaningful experiences that bring people together. MIHO prides themselves on intentional relationships and thoughtful business goals that embody the essence of food, beverage and hospitality.


Sam Behnam, Co-Owner and Executive Chef, Lloyd Edwards. Executive Sous Chef, and Kim Behnam, Co-Owner and Event Manager (Photo: Stacy Keck)

Toast Catering

Toast Catering wants your guests to be raving about the food, even those who are notoriously hard to please. That's why they always cook on site, so your dishes are served fresh and perfectly prepared. From small intimate private parties to luxurious weddings, and big corporate events, Toast Catering is ready talk about your catering needs for your next event at MCASD.


Tracy Borkum, Founder and CEO Tim Kolanko, Chef Partner (Photo: Stacy Keck)

Urban Kitchen Group

Catering Partner & Exclusive Beverage Provider

Whether an intimate dinner party, wedding, company meeting, birthday bash or holiday celebration, Urban Kitchen Catering offers complete full service catering – from menus to tabletop design, all tailored to meet your every need. Invite them to your event at MCASD and they promise to captivate your guests and exceed your expectations with their creative, unique and delicious gastronomical fare!

Foodiz Kitchen

At Foodiz Kitchen, every event is an opportunity to create something unique. Led by Chefs Oren and Ben, their team collaborates closely with you to craft an unforgettable experience. They pride themselves on meticulously curating menus featuring the freshest seasonal produce, with the flexibility to accommodate kosher requirements. Let Foodiz Kitchen elevate your event with vibrant dishes that tantalize the senses. From captivating aesthetics to enticing aromas and flavors, they source only the freshest ingredients to ensure a memorable culinary journey for you and your guests.

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