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Extended School Partnership
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About Extended School Partnership

ESP empowers 6th-12th-grade teachers to use the Museum as an extension of the classroom. Students and teachers engage in creative thinking and cross-disciplinary learning by integrating contemporary art into curricula and using the Museum as a learning resource.

Partnerships Include

Professional development for classroom teachers:
Museum Educators work with classroom teachers to integrate art into a curriculum and share engagement methods.

Contemporary art lessons with Museum Educators:
Museum Educators host contemporary art lessons in the classroom, connecting subjects learned in school to contemporary art.

Field trip to the Museum:
Students visit the Museum and learn about art.

Artmaking with students:
Students create artworks in response to their learning throughout the partnership.

Artwork feedback with Museum Educators:
Museum Educators provide constructive feedback on in-process artworks.

Final student exhibition:
A culminating student exhibition at MCASD

ESP is for all teachers across all content areas. The program will take place in-person but may switch to remote depending on changes to covid protocols.

To find out more about ESP, contact the Education Department email

Extended School Partnership is generously supported by the ResMed Foundation.

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