Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

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Kathryn Kanjo

The David C. Copley Director and CEO

Jana Baker

Executive Assistant to the David C. Copley Director and CEO

Charles E. Castle

Deputy Director and CFO

Reed Vickerman

Chief Operations Officer

Alma Sandoval

Accounting Clerk

Carla Lockhart

Sr. Human Resources Manager

Heather Queja

Human Resources Assistant

Jenna S. Jacobs

Sr. Director of Curatorial Affairs

Jill Dawsey

Senior Curator

Anthony Graham

Associate Curator

Isabel Casso

Assistant Curator

Annie Hruska

Curatorial Coordinator

Karin Zonis-Sawrey

Associate Registrar

Kristina Taylor

Assistant Registrar

Jeremy Woodall

Chief Preparator, Collections and Exhibitions

Shawn Bigbee

Lead Preparator, Collections and Exhibitions

Alexander Mazegue

Preparator, AV Technician, Collections and Exhibitions

Nicholas O’Dell

Assistant Preparator, Collections and Exhibitions

Karla Centeno

Director, Education and Engagement

Norma Schwab

Youth Programs Associate

Maru Lopez

Lead Education and Engagement Associate

Zak Abramson

Education and Engagement Associate

Collete Tamayo

Education and Engagement Associate

Marina Grize

Manager, Content and Community

Alejandra Frank

Coordinator, Content and Community

Edie Nehls

Chief Advancement Officer

Chance Decker

Director, Philanthropy

Lesley Emery

Director of Special Events

April Farrell

Director of Rentals and Retail

Paige Kobdish-Raney

Stewardship and Annual Fund Manager

Joy Rose

Membership Manager

Christopher Hincke

Database Manager

Sierra Tillman

Events Operations Supervisor

Irene Ramirez

Advancement Associate

Coreen Okada

Events Associate

James Patocka

Director of Facilities

Aidan Luzzaro-Braito

Lead Facilities Technician

Jack Ryan

Facilities Technician

Adam Dibernardo

Facilities Specialist

David Mesa

Chief of Security

Lori Watson

Security Supervisor

Board of Directors

Trustees have a fiduciary and policy-setting responsibility for the welfare of the Museum; MCASD's Board is extraordinarily generous, supporting ongoing operations as well as special needs such as the 75th Anniversary Campaign and art acquisition. Nomination is by committee; Trustees are elected for three-year terms, with a maximum of two terms before a mandatory one-year rotation off the board. The maximum number of Trustees is 40. The Board of Trustees meet six times a year; other board committees meet at regular intervals throughout the year.

Steve Strauss, President

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, Vice President

Melissa Garfield Bartell, Vice President

Maryanne Pfister, Vice President

Dagmar Smek, Secretary

Dr. Mary F. Berglund

Chris Birchby

Viveca Bissonnette

Laurence Bloch

Nancy Browar

Dr. Marsha Chandler

Dr. Charles Cochrane

Karen Cohn

Carolyn Farris

Karen Fox

Marcia Hazan

Celia Henely

Ryan Herrell

Margaret Jackson

Gail Knox

Jennifer Levitt

Nevins McBride

Anna Haudenschild Meier

Dr. Fenner Milton

Alessandra Moctezuma

Dr. Sheldon Morris

Garna Muller

Jennifer Nelson

Marcos Ramírez ERRE

James Robbins

Tom Rosso

Nora Sargent

In Memoriam

Barbara Bloom

David C. Copley

Sue K. Edwards

Danah Fayman

Pauline Foster

Richard D. Marshall

Honorary Trustee

Dr. Richard Atkinson