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Ann Hamilton: Between Taxonomy and Communion
Ann Hamilton's installation

April 6, 1990 to June 3, 1990

Formerly On view at MCASD

In this exhibition, Hamilton enticed and overwhelmed with compelling room-size installations, which were character­ized by her powerful aesthetic sensibility and labor-intensive use of ordinary materials in unexpected ways. She investigated life forces, living and dead, real and unreal, pro­voking a sense of mystery and near religious overtones though complex symbolism, the use of ritual and the physical flux of natural materials. between taxonomy and communion was the work realized by the artist during her residency at MCASD and is now in the collection of the Guggenheim Museum. The work featured, in the artist’s own words: “an entrance wall incised with the names of animal fables, the floor move [d] with the pressed weight of the body on glass, small glass panes laid over raw sheep fleece, crossed by a table of iron oxide, on it [were] laid a collection of animal and human teeth, the underneath of the table [dripped] red, staining the skins below, on the wall, a cage.” Curated by Lynda Forsha. Small exhibition catalogue was produced.