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The Shop presents: Mr. B Baby Q&A and photo op with “Chucho”
Image of life-sized puppet on the road catching a ride

February 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm

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MCASD is collaborating with artist Mr. B Baby to bring the limited edition plush “Chucho” to The Shop. Chucho is a piñata character typically drawn with visible cracks, teaching us that it’s okay to have flaws.

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, MCASD will also host a free event with Mr B Baby, where guests will learn more about the creation of Chucho and what he means to her. There will be music, an opportunity to take pictures with two life-sized Chucho mascots, and a raffle.

More about the artist:
Raised in San Diego, Mr. B Baby’s artwork is a whimsical twist, exploring the relationship between Mexican folk art and children’s books by combining the cultural world with a playful, colorful touch. Growing up in a predominantly Spanish-speaking home, she is heavily influenced by her community and Puerto Rican/Mexican upbringing, using elements of her heritage as inspiration for her striking and lively artwork. By combining vibrant colors with traditional imagery, she creates a wide range of characters who all tell their own unique story and hopes to bring happiness and joy to her collectors and her community through her creations.

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