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Standard Fantastic Pictures: Days of Heaven (1978) + Hugo Crosthwaite
A large house in a field
a skull hand drawn in black ink on a vase with a blue cloud background

June 1, 2023 at 5:00 pm

MCASD La Jolla, Jacobs Hall


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Join us every first Thursday of the month from Memorial Day to Labor Day for a monthly film screening curated by Standard Fantastic Pictures’ (SFP) Omar Lopex. The screening will include a feature film inspired by our special exhibition Celia Álvarez Muñoz: Breaking the Binding and local SFP shorts. Like Álvarez Muñoz, Standard Fantastic Pictures examines the nature of the border and embraces an ‘artivistst’ (art + activist) perspective in art-making.

The double feature will include the feature film Days of Heaven (1978) by Terrence Malick and two short films by artist Hugo Crosthwaite: CARAVAN (2022) and Tía Juana Mi Amor (2020).

Program Schedule

5:00PM-6:45PM: Screening: Days of Heaven (1hr35min)

6:45-7:00PM: Intermission

7-7:05PM: Welcome: MCASD Assistant Curator Isabel Casso introduces Hugo Crosthwaite’s films

7:05-7:10PM: Screening: CARAVAN (2022), Hugo Crosthwaite, 03:50

7:10-7:15PM: Screening: Tía Juana Mi Amor (2020), Hugo Crosthwaite, 05:29

7:15-7:45PM: Isabel Casso x Hugo Crosthwaite Conversation/Q&A

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