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Reflections: Art Workshops | 55+
Two people create art.

May 24 to July 12, 2024

MCASD La Jolla, Prebys Education Center

10AM – 12:30PM

Full Series (8 days): $200 for Members / $250 for Not-Yet-Members

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Reflections is an art-making workshop series designed to serve adults 55 and older.

In this new workshop series, interweave tech and art! Participants will learn about the history of watercolor paintings, focusing on techniques and modern applications. Using iPads provided by MCASD, we will also learn how to create digital drawings using the ProCreate app.

Participants will consider and learn the following:

  • History and various watercolor techniques.
  • How to use an iPad and software as a tool for artmaking.
  • How to combine watercolor painting and iPads to create artwork.

Projects will fuse both mediums, helping us create dynamic artmaking experiences that taps into the digital and real world.

Each workshop will include an investigation of contemporary art-making techniques and materials. No prior art experience is required. Transportation will be provided if required. Registration gives participants access to the full series (eight days).

Daily Program

10AM: Gallery Discussion

The conversations around the artworks in MCASD’s collection will offer stimulating input and prompts for participants as they think about creating their own artworks.

10:30AM: Coffee and Mingle

Refreshments and time for social interaction will take place in Museum venues that take full advantage of the beautiful oceanside location and views.

11AM: Art-Making Activity

The hands-on workshop will provide a forum for self-expression and developing new interpersonal connections.

Weekly Program

Week 1, May 24: All About Color

This week is all about colors – playing with watercolors, identifying primary and secondary colors, exploring the color wheel, and mixing secondary colors. We will take our inspiration from two artists with bold color choices, Alvaro Barrios and Ellsworth Kelly.

Week 2, May 31: Introducing... the iPad

We will learn iPad basics and introduce ProCreate, a digital illustration application.  Then, we will create our first digital art masterpiece.

Week 3, June 7: Experiments in Watercolors

This week, experiment with watercolor techniques. We will consider how artists like Doris Bittar and Keith Piper use layers in their respective mediums and apply layering to our projects.

Week 4, June 14: Digital Artistry

Venture outdoors to our gorgeous setting and take photos with the iPads. Then, use ProCreate to paint in layers over the image to create a new multi-layered composition. 

Week 5, June 21: Embrace Texture

Experiment with additives that create different textures when they interact with watercolors. We will also tour artwork by Kay WalkingStick and Jules Olitski and consider their use of texture in paintings. 

Week 6, June 28:
Bringing It Together

This week, we will integrate a watercolor into a digital composition. This will become the background and first layer of the composition. Then, we will use the iPads to add text in the form of a name, poem, or song.

Week 7, July 5
: Exploring Repetition

Consider the repetition of images and how it creates different impressions, moving beyond a single image. Then, we will utilize one image and repeat it to create a layered digital composition. We will also view and discuss the work of Farah Al Qasimi and Julien Creuzet.

Week 8, July 12:

Bring together a portfolio of artwork from weeks 1 – 7! We will print digital work and consider which pieces in the series could be presented for a final show.


Reflections is generously supported by E.A. Michelson Philanthropy.

Top: Photography: Stacy Keck