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Reflections: Art Workshops | 55+
Two older adults create art at a table with the ocean in the background.

March 22 to May 10, 2024

MCASD La Jolla, Prebys Education Center

10AM – 12:30PM

Per session (2 days): $50 for Members / $60 for Not-Yet-Members; Full Series (8 days): $200 for Members / $250 for Not-Yet-Members

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Reflections is an art-making workshop series designed to serve adults 55 and older.

Paper Arts and Bookbinding: In this new workshop series, participants will learn a variety of paper arts and bookbinding methods, using color gradients as guides. Together, explore the content of artworks while focusing on color as the main foundation of art.

Participants will consider and learn the following:

  • The significance of color in art.
  • How to use paper as a medium for art-making.
  • The traditions of handmade artist’s books.

These explorations will result in the creation of two books that include dyed paper, marbled paper, collages, texts, fonts, and much more!

Each workshop will include an investigation of contemporary art-making techniques and materials. No prior art experience is required. Transportation will be provided if required. Participants may join one session (two days) or the full series (four sessions; eight days).

Session Dates

Session dates in this series are:

  • Session 1: Friday, March 22 and Friday, March 29
  • Session 2: Friday, April 5 and Friday, April 12
  • Session 3: Friday, April 19 and Friday, April 26
  • Session 4: Friday, May 3 and Friday, May 10

Daily Program

10AM: Gallery Discussion

The conversations around the artworks in MCASD’s collection will offer stimulating input and prompts for participants as they think about creating their own artworks.

10:30AM: Coffee and Mingle

Refreshments and time for social interaction will take place in Museum venues that take full advantage of the beautiful oceanside location and views.

11AM: Art-Making Activity

The hands-on workshop will provide a forum for self-expression and developing new interpersonal connections.

Weekly Program

Session 1: Friday, March 22 and Friday, March 29

Explore paper marbling techniques focused on suminagashi (Japanese paper marbling). We will create one-of-a-kind papers using this method while taking inspiration from Mark Rothko’s and Brice Marden’s subtle use of color.

Session 2: Friday, April 5 and Friday, April 12

We will learn to make unique paper through the orizomegami folding and dyeing process. Then, inspired by Morris Louis’s use of layered colors and Andy Warhol’s repeated imagery, create our own patterned and dyed paper.

Session 3: Friday, April 19 and Friday, April 26

In this session, create collages utilizing a variety of handmade and found papers. Looking at the work of Joan Brown and Tschabalala Self, we will consider the qualities of abstracting the human form and iconic figures.

Session 4: Friday, May 3 and Friday, May 10

Through the artwork of Jenny Holzer and Claus Oldenburg, we will discuss the use of text in contemporary art and the significance of selecting unique fonts to help convey a message. Then, learn two variations of bookbinding and create books using unique papers or the custom papers created in previous classes.


Reflections is generously supported by E.A. Michelson Philanthropy.

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