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With Guavas In Your Eyes Workshop: Natasha Kozaily
Natasha K. headshot

July 13, 2024 at 11:00 am

Prebys Learning Center

11AM – 1PM

$25 – 30


an exploration of folk music and craft from the Cayman Islands

Join artist Natasha Kozaily (b. 1985) as she shares songs, stories, and art from the Cayman Islands that raised her and inspires her work today. Participants will first learn about the rich heritage of this Caribbean archipelago before learning how to weave a rag rug, inspired by the traditional folk craft of the Cayman Islands.

This program is intended for adult audiences. Capacity is limited to 30 participants. RSVP today!

About Natasha Kozaily

Natasha grew up on the small island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea, 180 miles south of Cuba and 195 miles west of Jamaica. Her parents being from opposite sides of the globe (her mother, a native Islander of Cayman, and her father, a Lebanese far from home) resulted in Natasha’s deep love and curiosity for the world around which can be seen throughout her art and life.

Lover of the stage and theater, she honed her craft at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City where she graduated in 2007. She studied classical piano since the age of seven and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Cardiff University in Wales specializing in Ethnomusicology. Her undergraduate ethnomusicology thesis entitled “An Island’s Story: Told through the music of Julia Hydes” is celebrated and treasured as the first and only in depth writing on Caymanian folk music and drummer Miss Julia Hydes. In 2014, Natasha was honored in celebration of Cayman’s National Heroes Day with The Emerging Pioneer Award for her significant contribution to the culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands, and in 2016, she was a Silver Star Recipient at the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s National Arts and Culture Awards.

In August 2010, Natasha moved to San Diego, California where she performs and teaches. In 2015, she opened Kalabash School of Music + the Arts and is founder and front woman for Baby Bushka, an all female, 8 piece Kate Bush experience. Learn more at

Top: Courtesy of the artist.