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Collectors XXV

Thursday, Apr 08, 2010 to Saturday, May 15, 2010

Since 1985, MCASD’s premiere Membership groups, the Contemporary Collectors and the International Collectors, have provided significant funds through their annual dues for the acquisition of new works for the Museum’s collection.  In celebration of this year's silver anniversary of the Contemporary Collectors support group, MCASD's curatorial staff have assembled a group of works to be voted on for purchase at the Collectors’ annual selection dinner.

The proposed selections include works by both established and emerging artists and feature a wide range of media including sculpture, photography, paintings, and installation work. The exhibition demonstrates the importance of these groups as the Museum continues to develop its collection. The support of the Contemporary Collectors has allowed MCASD to discover new artists, enrich the Museum’s collection, and build an engaged and informed community of contemporary art collectors and supporters in San Diego. The legacy of these two support groups is richly documented in the exhibition Pleasure Point: Celebrating 25 Years of Contemporary Collectors, on view in La Jolla through May 16