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Automatic Cities: The Architectural Imaginary in Contemporary Art

Saturday, Sep 26, 2009 to Sunday, Jan 31, 2010

Automatic Cities: The Architectural Imaginary in Contemporary Art explores the myriad influences of architecture on contemporary art production. The architectural imaginary comprising images of sites and cities built and unbuilt, rising from collective experience and imagination.

The dynamic is mapped in an international context through the work of 13 individual artists (and one artists’ collective) hailing from around the globe: Michaël Borremans (Belgium), Matthew Buckingham (U.S.), Los Carpinteros (Cuba), Catharina van Eetvelde (France, born Belgium), Jakob Kolding (Germany, born Denmark), Ann Lislegaard (Denmark, born Norway), Julie Mehretu (U.S., born Ethiopia), Paul Noble (U.K.), Sarah Oppenheimer (U.S.), Matthew Ritchie (U.S., born U.K.), Hiraki Sawa (U.K., born Japan), Katrin Sigurdardottir (U.S. and Iceland, born Iceland), Rachel Whiteread (U.K.), and Saskia Olde Wolbers (U.K., born Netherlands).

Utilizing painting, sculpture, video, wall drawings, posters, and architectural interventions, the artists have been given the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of their practice by making site-responsive work for the exhibition. The exhibition is curated by MCASD Curator Robin Clark.

Automatic Cities is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The exhibition and catalogue are made possible by a generous gift from David Guss; and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal agency; the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts; the Danish Arts Council; and the American-Scandinavian Foundation. The Nimoy Foundation generously funded the residency of Sarah Oppenheimer. Education programs are supported by the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Fund and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Download the Automatic Cities audio tour from iTunes.