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ArtLAB: Take-Home Holiday Edition
Have you taken a trip to Westfield UTC Mall this season? Notice the change in artworks on display? This year Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) is excited to present the work of American sculptor  Beverly Pepper and has designed playful artmaking activities for you to make at home. This holiday season we invite you to think like an artist and transform materials in creative ways. Start creating!
Beverly Pepper, Zeus Triad, 1997-1999
This week's ArtLAB continues to takes inspiration from Pepper's work Zeus Triad, 1992-99. Photo by Pablo mason.
About the Artist
Beverly Pepper (1922–2020) was a prolific American artist known for her monumental sculptures, land art, and site-specific installations. She remained independent from any particular art movement and experimental in her practice and created work out of unique materials such as a sheet of metal, trunks of trees and industrial debrief. In the sculpture Amphitheater, she created a 3D architectural form using geometric shapes. You too can create a 3D pop-up card with geometric pieces of paper
Before you head home, take a closer look at the sculptures.
  1. What shapes do you see?
  2. What forms do you observe? Can you imagine how to create those forms using paper?
  3. How can you use some of the forms in your card?
Are you now ready to create your own holiday pop-up card, inspired by Beverly Pepper’s monumental sculptures? The three sculptures show Pepper’s ability to work with metals by casting, cutting, and bending the materials.
Photo of two over lapping pop up holiday cards with crayons and markers in the foreground.
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ArtLAB Instructions & Template

Missed the Holiday ArtKit pick up? We have your holidays covered.
Print the Instructions and Template from here. All you will need are a couple extra supplies from home.
Here are a couple items that you will need:
  • Color cardstock sheets cut to 5.5 in x 8.5 in for the cards’ cover
  • Printed template (perferably on cardstock) with silhouette sculpture and gift box options
  • Glue stick
  • Assorted color papers to cut shapes out of
  • Holiday stickers
  • Crayons or markers to color and decorate your pop-up holiday card.

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