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CUT, CARVE, & SCULPT: Your Own Triad
Have you taken a trip to Westfield UTC Mall? Did you noticed the change in artworks on display? This year we are excited to continue to present ArtLAB: Home Edition to bring MCASD art-making experiences for families inspired by the work of American sculptor Beverly Pepper. Start exploring!
Beverly Pepper, Zeus Triad, 1997-1999
This week's ArtLAB takes inspiration from Pepper's work Zeus Triad, 1992-99. Photo by Pablo mason.
About the Artist
Beverly Pepper (1922–2020) was an American artist known for her monumental sculptures, land art, and site-specific installations. She remained independent from any particular art movement and experimental in her practice.
She began her artistic career at the age of sixteen, not much older than you. She studied painting, design, and photography in New York and Paris and traveled extensively.
Before you head home, take a closer look at Zeus Triad (1997-99). 
  • What does this sculpture remind you of? 
  • How was it made? What do you notice about the forms?
  • How does the title complement the composition or not? 
Are you now ready to create your own sculptures, inspired by Beverly Pepper's Zeus Triad? Pepper created these stand-alone columns by carving a malleable material such as wax or clay and then cast it in bronze.
Fun Fact: Casting is a process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. The solidified part is known as a casting, taken out of or broken out of the mold to complete the process, just like making soap bars. 
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ArtLAB Instructions

Missed the ArtKit pick up? Have no fear, we have you covered. You can print the instructions and template from here. All you will need are a couple extra supplies from home.

Bevery Pepper inspired soap sculpture instructions.

  • Soft bar of soap (we used white "Zote" laundry bar soap–the pink one works too!)
  • Carving & cutting utensils (ask your parents to use things you find around the house)
    • Knife, fork, spoon, peeler
  • Small container of warm water
  • Paper towels for clean up

Seasonal Halloween and Día de los muertos paper mask template.

  • Crayons (or other coloring medium)
  • String

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